Unlocking Africa's (and the world's) genomic potential.

Communication platform for a connected Africa.

Better cardiac care through cloud-based diagnostics.

Community-powered philanthropy.

Clean water through water data analytics.

Clean fat for the future of food.

Automated info requests to improve government transparency.

Affordable, fast internet for underserved communities.

Healthy meal delivery and quality job creation.

Data aggregation for the new energy economy.

Improved outcomes through actionable physician data.

Improved literacy through small group learning.

Nutritious and delicious plant-based whole muscle meat.

Improved health planning for serious conditions.

Fair wage work opportunity for the underemployed.

Affordable in-home child care.

Improved livelihoods with textile upcycling.

Customized health technology for emerging markets.

Democratized education through shared curriculum (ACQUIRED).

Flexible work opportunity for women.

Access to quality care for self insured businesses,

Access to clean energy through retail (ACQUIRED).

Short-term loans powering the freelance economy.

Elevated senior care through IoT.

Strengthened communities through local jobs.

Enhanced water security through water collection.

Comprehensive toolset to manage urban micro-mobility solutions.

Financing for off-grid clean energy.

Computational biology to enhance drug discovery.

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