We back founders on a mission to build a better world.

Better Ventures partners with the most important science and technology companies of tomorrow.
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We Catalyze Essential Science and Technology

Better Ventures builds on a decade of experience to back founders leveraging scientific breakthroughs and emerging technologies in service of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

We believe that doing good — for people and the planet — is good for business.

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Transform Your Calling Into a Competitive Edge

When done right, purpose and profit reinforce each other, creating a virtuous cycle of growth and impact.

We believe mission-driven companies reliably outperform the market thanks to the magnetic force of purpose.

Hear from some of our founders on our Mission Driven Podcast.

Our Investment Areas

Humanity-scale change happens at the intersection of innovation, purpose, and profit.

We invest in early-stage founders leveraging scientific breakthroughs and emerging technologies to decarbonize the economy, improve human health, and build a more equitable society.

We back diverse teams and have set public diversity goals of investing in portfolios that are 50/10/10% female/Black/Latinx founded.

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Decarbonize the Economy

Technologies that ensure the sustainability of our planet and its people for the long-haul.
Food tech, biomanufacturing, clean energy, closed loop production and consumption.
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Improve Human Health

Technologies that tackle disease and improve health outcomes.
Personalized medicine, value-based care, behavioral health, drug discovery.
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Build an Equitable Society

Technologies that close the opportunity gap.
Future of work, personalized learning, upskilling.
Bring us your world-changing breakthrough.

Our Founders

Better Ventures helps founders leverage their mission as a competitive advantage.

From attracting the best talent to measuring impact to getting B-Corp certified, we help entrepreneurs fulfill their dual purposes of growth and impact at scale.

We invest in pre-seed to seed stage companies and take a hands-on approach to helping our founders succeed.
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Tyler Huggins & Justin Whiteley
AI-driven textile recycling.
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Ida Wang, Sarika Bajaj, & Tushita Gupta
Helping small businesses access capital by converting customers into investors.
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Bhavish Balhort, Ben Lozano, & Jackie Chan

Check out our blog and podcast to learn more about our investment areas and hear stories about mission-driven founders who are changing the world.

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