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Better Ventures Invests in Agathos to Improve Patient Outcomes

We’re thrilled to announce our investment in Agathos, a San Francisco, CA-based company improving outcomes by empowering doctors with customized clinical insights. We invested in the company’s $XM seed round, which was led by  . Agathos is reducing variation in treatment and reducing costs for patients by building a powerful dataset for physicians, transforming actions into outcomes. Agathos associates outcomes to the care of individual providers, incentivizing doctors to improve their performance while being appropriately risk-adjusted on the back-end so that comparisons can be made across clinical contexts. Within six months of using Agathos, hospitals are seeing a 7% decrease in length of stay, and are queued up to stay ahead of reimbursement trends, reduce costs, and improve outcomes.

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Better Ventures Invests in Apostrophe to Scale Healthcare Access and Savings

The Apostrophe founding team brings a powerful combination of passion for changing healthcare and functional expertise – CEO Cheryl Kellond specializes in product management and launching new products, COO Julia Hutchins is an experienced healthcare executive who scaled a health plan in her prior role, and Kathy Keating is a seasoned technology executive and software engineer specializing in data and payment centric businesses. They are the epitome of what we look for in a mature, complete, mission-driven team. Together, this founding team has curated innovative best practices into a plug-n-play health plan that any self-insured employer can adopt, building healthier businesses, communities, and of course, people.

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Better Ventures Leads $850k Seed Round in Iris Plans

We are excited to announce our $250,000 seed investment in Iris Plans, an Austin, TX-based digital health startup that provides Advance Care Planning (ACP) solutions for patients facing serious chronic illness. Iris Plans uses a telehealth platform with secure video conferencing and decision support tools to enable patients and their families to better plan for and navigate their critical treatment decisions in a complex healthcare system. The company is building a B2B model through which it works with health insurers and healthcare providers to reduce unnecessary utilization by 25%, employing proprietary algorithms that identify patients who will most benefit from ACP. Iris Plans is finalizing partnership agreements with a variety of partners and will use the proceeds from the round to build out the platform and launch with new customers this fall. More on the announcement here.

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Better Ventures Backs K4Connect to Improve the Lives of Seniors

We are delighted to announce our seed investment in K4Connect, a technology integration company that makes life simpler and healthier for seniors. K4's software platform seamlessly integrates disparate smart devices into a single responsive system, which transforms senior living facilities into smart homes. This automation technology not only makes life better for seniors but also provides valuable and actionable data to caregivers to improve the quality of care. Better Ventures Fund II participated in K4's $1.9 million Series Seed round, which included Sierra Ventures, Lowe's Companies, and Stonehenge Growth Equity Partners. We are excited to be working with Sierra Ventures again, which led LeadGenius' Series A round last year. 

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Spring 13, Week 12: Eko Devices

Hear from Connor Landgraf, founder of Eko Devices about the final weeks of the program.

Eko Devices believes in one thing: we believe in harnessing the power of computer assisted diagnosis for healthcare. We believe that smartphones that can utilize the enormous potential of big data and cloud technologies can reduce the costs of healthcare and improve the outcomes of patients. We have developed a smartphone app and hardware component that help doctors diagnose hard-to-hear heart conditions using a standard stethoscope. Our technology can allow doctors around the world from the outback in Australia to the jungles in Indonesia the ability to better diagnose these conditions.

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