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Spring 13, Week 12: Eko Devices

Hear from Connor Landgraf, founder of Eko Devices about the final weeks of the program.

Eko Devices believes in one thing: we believe in harnessing the power of computer assisted diagnosis for healthcare. We believe that smartphones that can utilize the enormous potential of big data and cloud technologies can reduce the costs of healthcare and improve the outcomes of patients. We have developed a smartphone app and hardware component that help doctors diagnose hard-to-hear heart conditions using a standard stethoscope. Our technology can allow doctors around the world from the outback in Australia to the jungles in Indonesia the ability to better diagnose these conditions.

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Spring 13, Week 10: AgGrow

We’ve got just 2 weeks to go in the program! This week, hear from Zach Warder-Gabaldon from AgGrow.

The global population will reach nine billion people by 2040.  Industrial agriculture depletes soil for future use, introduces synthetic chemicals into food and water supplies, and with 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions, is the single largest contributor to climate change.

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Spring 13, Week 8: Share Practice

“Experience, not knowledge, is the biggest limiting factor between good doctors and great doctors.” This week we hear from Dr. Andrew Brandeis, of Share Practice.

Good doctors make bad decisions because knowledge sources are broken. Medical reference tools are biased by business and insurance interests and most doctors don’t have time to read antiquated research papers. Doctors are also not aware of new or effective treatments because there are no easy ways for us to disseminate information. So we call, text, and email each other. This is a terrible way to share the most important information in the largest market in the world.

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Spring 13, Week 6: UClass

We’re halfway through! This week, hear from Chris Yim of UClass.

At UClass, we’re connecting classrooms around the world, to create a generation of students who possess the global competencies necessary to succeed in the 21st century. Through getting feedback from teachers, and a lot of soul-searching at our first annual company retreat at Stinson Beach, we recently repositioned ourselves from a global social network, to a social assignment platform, with an emphasis on peer review. Same global community focus, but specifically uniting students through their involvement in shared assignments. Our platform reduces the time in which teachers find, assign, and give feedback to their students, while also engaging both parties in social interactions.

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Spring 13, Week 4: SunFunder

It’s week 4! Hear from Cindy Nawilis of SunFunder about the company, and what they’ve been up to these past few weeks.

We at SunFunder are a small team fueled by a big mission: to catalyze $1.2 billion into 1500 off-grid solar projects and empower more than 160 million lives. Why? Because 1.3 billion people in the world still live without access to electricity, and 600 million of them have no convenient way to charge their cell phones. And though there are plenty of honorable businesses working in developing countries to deploy affordable, high-quality solar products to off-grid communities, they lack the access to critical financing to reach scale.

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Spring 13, Week 2: 2nd Nature

Every 2 weeks, you’ll hear from one of the founders of our Spring13 cohort companies. They’ll tell you about what they’re working on and what’s been going on in the program so far. First up is Chris Cuellar, Co-Founder of 2ndNature.


We built Arrive to ease the pain of getting around town.  We are believers in access over ownership, especially with respect to cars, and are showing how life in an urban center is possible (and cheaper) without owning a car. By crowdsourcing transit data and connecting a variety of different transit apps, we hope to provide a viable alternative to having a car in the city.

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