Better Ventures Invests in Agathos to Improve Patient Outcomes

We’re thrilled to announce our investment in Agathos, a San Francisco-based company that is improving health outcomes by empowering doctors with actionable information. We invested in the company’s $1.5M seed round, which was led by HealthX with participation from Launchpad Digital Health. Agathos is building a powerful dataset for physicians that attributes patient outcomes, including length of stay and readmission rates, to individual physicians and compares them to their peers, so that they can better understand and improve their their own performance. Within six months of using Agathos, hospitals are seeing a 7% decrease in length of stay.

Agathos is led by CEO Andrew Trees, a healthcare industry specialist committed to solving inefficiencies in the health system. Andrew has built a team of industry experts, including COO Steve Waye, an authority in EMR data and physician user experience with five years of product management experience at EMR leader Epic. Andrew and Steve founded Agathos to give physicians more value back from their own data, reducing costs and improving outcomes for patients. Agathos has the potential to fundamentally improve healthcare by developing an industry-wide standard for outcomes measurement, and we're excited to help them achieve this audacious goal. 

Agathos is a proven, scalable way of engaging physicians with their own data and accelerating outcomes improvement through attribution methodology, metrics normalization, a diverse insights library, care variation analysis, and outcomes improvement. Agathos calculates case ownership across multiple clinicians before they generate metrics and insights, in order to adjust outcome metrics based on a number of factors physicians can influence. While reinstituting physician autonomy and fostering respect, Agathos combine physician instincts with data science to map physician action variation to outcome variation - a data-based supplement to clinician hunches. The diverse insights library helps identify outliers and performance drivers to ultimately empower physicians with immediate and properly contextualized feedback that empowers change when merited - ultimately improving outcomes.