Better Ventures Backs TheTownKitchen to Support Urban Youth Employment


We are thrilled to announce the newest member of the Better Ventures family, TheTownKitchen, an Oakland-based startup delivering healthy lunches for businesses and upward social mobility for at-risk youth. We participated in TheTownKitchen's $1M seed round, which was led by Urban Innovation Fund, giving a boost to TheTownKitchen's meal service capacity and local impact.

TheTownKitchen employs youth that are traditionally overlooked, including those that have been homeless, involved in domestic abuse, in the foster care system, or incarcerated. Since its launch in 2015, TheTownKitchen has bootstrapped to deliver more than 100,000 meals to high profile customers, while employing foster youth at more than $15/hr. 

TheTownKitchen’s team is grounded in youth empowerment and the Bay Area’s vibrant technology scene. CEO Sabrina Mutukisna collaborated with NASA to train teachers from urban communities and scale STEM education, and her fellow co-founders Tara Mutukisna (COO) and Jefferson Sevilla (Executive Chef) were both born outside of the United States and met at Google. 

TheTownKitchen’s vision is to create community through local food; a community where low-income Oakland youth can shine; a community where under-served youth are introduced to talented chefs & start-up entrepreneurs so they have the skills and network to pursue their future. Better Ventures has started ordering lunch from TheTownKitchen three times a week - and we’re starting to wonder why we haven't just ordered lunch every day. You can get started with TheTownKitchen here - and use the code "BETTERVENTURES" for $20 off!