LeadGenius Raises $10M Series B Round

We are thrilled to report that Better Ventures portfolio company LeadGenius closed a $10M Series B round last week, led by Lumia Capital. We participated in the round along with Javelin Venture Partners and existing investors Sierra Ventures, Kapor Capital, Bee Partners, Y Combinator and others. This round brings their total financing to date to $20M. You can read more about the announcement here

LeadGenius, which was one of our first investments out of Fund I in 2011, is a Berkeley-based enterprise SaaS company that provides lead generation and qualification, leveraging both software and a platform of freelancer workers in the US and around the world. The company has strong intentionality around creating digital work opportunities for underemployed workers and to date has created 500 well-paying jobs, primarily for women and younger workers, in 40 different countries.

LeadGenius has grown by leaps and bounds since the very early days when Wes met them while they were working on a class project at UC Berkeley to leverage the increasing accessibility of technology to create jobs for the underserved. We saw enormous potential in both the team and the opportunity in those early days, and we became one of the company's first investors. After a series of evolutions and pivots, LeadGenius landed on a product offering called "account-based marketing," an innovative and automated way for companies to identify and engage decision makers with highly personalized emails, which increase the likelihood of conversion. The company has made tremendous progress, with sales doubling in each of the last three years, and we're excited to watch them continue to scale their business and impact with this fresh round of growth capital. 


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