Eko Devices Secures FDA Approval for Eko Core

We are thrilled about the news that Better Ventures portfolio company Eko Devices  has secured FDA approval to launch Eko Core, a Bluetooth enabled device that connects to a conventional stethoscope and wirelessly transmits heard sounds to a smartphone app (aka "Shazam for Heartbeats"). Eko Core has the potential to dramatically improve cardiac care by enabling clinicians to view heart sound waveform, save heart sounds to a patient's electronic medical record, and securely collaborate with a cardiologist. This both improves health outcomes by better identifying heart abnormalities and saves healthcare costs by reducing the number of unnecessary visits to cardiologists. Stanford University Department of Medicine will be the first institution to deploy the Eko Core, which is now available for purchase to millions of clinicians around the US.

We are extremely proud of the Eko team (pictured above - Jason Bellet, Connor Landgraf, and Tyler Crouch), which is the youngest ever to receive Class II FDA clearance for a medical device. All three are recent UC Berkeley graduates and began working on Eko during school when they were inspired to solve gaps in modern medical technology (see the NYT piece for more on this). They have made tremendous progress since graduating from Berkeley (which is when we backed them), and the company recently relocated to a larger facility to accommodate their growing team. This latest development is a significant milestone and will enable the company to take next steps to commercialize and scale up sales efforts of Eko Core.  

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