Spring 13, Week 6: UClass


We’re halfway through! This week, hear from Chris Yim of UClass.

At UClass, we’re connecting classrooms around the world, to create a generation of students who possess the global competencies necessary to succeed in the 21st century. Through getting feedback from teachers, and a lot of soul-searching at our first annual company retreat at Stinson Beach, we recently repositioned ourselves from a global social network, to a social assignment platform, with an emphasis on peer review. Same global community focus, but specifically uniting students through their involvement in shared assignments. Our platform reduces the time in which teachers find, assign, and give feedback to their students, while also engaging both parties in social interactions.

We’re halfway through the Hub Ventures program, and we have made tremendous strides toward our new vision. It’s clear Wes and Rick have advised and witnessed the growth of many companies and entrepreneurs, and we’re lucky to be able to benefit from this wisdom. They’ve brought together a wonderful cohort of socially-minded companies that are not only incredibly sharp, but also down-to-earth. Many of us are first-time founders, and it’s not rare for us to find ourselves scratching our heads at questions like, “How do we approach fundraising?”, “How do we split up equity?” and “What the hell do we do next?” Understanding that these are common obstacles for first-time founders, Hub Ventures has invited insightful, candid speakers to shed light on the roller coaster ride of being an early-stage start-up. They’ve shared their personal experiences of what it’s like to see your idea be born, die, and get reincarnated into a new company, and how to get the most out of an accelerator. It has been comforting to know that we’re not alone as founders and that we have a knowledge base of many years of experience, success and failure that we can tap into.

Looking ahead to the next six weeks, we’re sure they’ll go fast and the days will be littered with a thousand minute and significant decisions that make start-up life like reading a very stressful Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book. But it’s when we see our product connecting students in the UAE, India, the UK and New Zealand that we know who we’re doing this for, and it makes it all worth it.