Spring 13, Week 2: 2nd Nature


Every 2 weeks, you’ll hear from one of the founders of our Spring13 cohort companies. They’ll tell you about what they’re working on and what’s been going on in the program so far. First up is Chris Cuellar, Co-Founder of 2ndNature.


We built Arrive to ease the pain of getting around town.  We are believers in access over ownership, especially with respect to cars, and are showing how life in an urban center is possible (and cheaper) without owning a car. By crowdsourcing transit data and connecting a variety of different transit apps, we hope to provide a viable alternative to having a car in the city.

We know that public transit isn’t perfect, but we think that by working with other amazing new innovations in the transport and ridesharing ecosystem (like Scoot Networks, for example), we can meet the transit needs of the everyday urban traveler. A week ago, we released our largest update since launch, and are excited about our new direction (pun intended). Transit riders now have the ability to report delays, helping to improve real-time predictions.

It’s our second week participating in the Hub Ventures program, and so far we’ve been focusing on shoring up (and iterating on) the building blocks of successful businesses. Alumni have shared their experiences about their time in the program, and the cohort has gotten together to swap experiences about what has and hasn’t worked so far. Our biggest takeaway: successful companies start with understanding their customers before anything else. We’ve been tasked with proactively reaching out to our target users for feedback the past week, and by the end of this program, we expect to be a stronger company focused on the needs of our customers.

This community driven approach is what drew us to apply to Hub Ventures initially. We had our eye on being a part of the Hub Ventures program because of their emphasis on working to grow a complete company: impact companies that can compete in the marketplace. Being associated with the HUB in one of the most rapidly innovating cities in the world is an amazing opportunity, and we’re thankful to be a part of such an exciting (and inspiring) group of companies.