Spring 13, Week 12: Eko Devices

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Hear from Connor Landgraf, founder of Eko Devices about the final weeks of the program.

Eko Devices believes in one thing: we believe in harnessing the power of computer assisted diagnosis for healthcare. We believe that smartphones that can utilize the enormous potential of big data and cloud technologies can reduce the costs of healthcare and improve the outcomes of patients. We have developed a smartphone app and hardware component that help doctors diagnose hard-to-hear heart conditions using a standard stethoscope. Our technology can allow doctors around the world from the outback in Australia to the jungles in Indonesia the ability to better diagnose these conditions.

But far beyond our product, what has been made so poignantly clear to us through the entire Hub Ventures process is the importance of passion and a vision. For any startup, but especially impact-focused ventures, these attributes will be the deciding factor between success or failure. These will be the only guiding forces that will push founders through the highs and lows of any startup. I think this is a realization that all founders need to have. That these attributes of passion and vision need to be the bedrock upon which they build everything else.

I came to this realization slowly through the many renowned and successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders we were mentored by at Hub. Each success story was written not because the founder had the best idea and not because they were surrounded by the very best team, but rather they succeeded because they knew where they wanted to be. And it wasn’t always intentional; either consciously or unconsciously the founder had formed a vision about their product. They know what success looked like to them, and they had the raw passion or stubbornness to never give up until they had achieved it.

At the end of the day, beyond all the PR strategies, business models, pitches, and growth patterns, the most important element is the vision to make the world a better place and the passion to take you there. Without that you cant be the change maker that the world desperately needs.

As we wrap up the Hub Ventures Program, it’s a strange feeling to look back and remember what we were just 12 weeks ago. I can truly say Hub Ventures has changed the trajectory of our company, and I feel confident I can say the same for all the other companies in the cohort. The investors days were excitement filled, and we built some great contacts with potential investors. Looking forward, the next 12 weeks will surely be filled with investor meetings and continued growth, but I can definitively say they will not be nearly as formative or valuable as the last 12 weeks at Hub Ventures.